When I went to photograph Sara she was watching six children under five, two of whom are the youngest of her own four children. Sara takes care of her own children, but works one day a week doing activities at a local nursing home. She loves elderly people, and she loves having a day where she gets a break from her normal caregiving roles.

Sara is my sister. My husband likes to tease me her because she is so capable and generous. Whenever I express dread of a big, arduous job to be done, he always says, “It’s okay. Sara is so nice. I’m sure she’ll take care of it.” It makes me mad, because she takes care of all her little people, a bunch of goats and chickens, and pretty much every other living thing she contacts, including me.

When I went to take this picture, she was so busy that she had forgotten I was coming. I felt really bad interrupting her when she had so much going on. After my experience with photographing Sara, I realized I will have to overcome some of my natural shyness to do this project. I would like to shoot a lot of these photos, and interview a lot of people. If I felt a little intimidated intruding on one of the most generous, kind people I know, I am going to have to swallow a lot of my natural reserve. Thanks for letting me catch you, Sara. I honor you.

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