Awhile ago I read an article by Anne Marie Slaughter entitled Why Women Still Can’t Have It All. She talked about how in order for women to succeed professionally, their life partners would have to step it up in the caregiving realm. I heard Ms. Slaughter in a podcast talking about this issue and her experiences leaving a high power DC job to be closer to home.

Her article validated the huge gratitude I have for my caregiving partner. He works, sure. But when he is home, he is a huge help in caring for our children. He changes diapers. He puts all of our children to bed by himself frequently. He cleans. He is not afraid to talk to our kids about hard topics. He has so many good qualities, which I was completely unaware of before I married him.

Today, I wanted to honor him as a caregiver because my kids have been taking turns with a nasty virus that leaves them coughing and sleeping on the couch every day instead of going to school. I had to pick my daughter up from school when she came down with it. As I drove to pick her up, I felt so grateful to have a partner who supports my desire to be available for just such an instance.

Alex also provides a crucial yet overlooked type of care. He cares for me. Last night, I started to have cabin fever after three days of wiping fevered brows and snotty noses. Last night he sent me out on my own for awhile to debrief. Alone time and self care are things I think many caregivers need, but don’t always prioritize for themselves. It is easy when you are wrapped up in another person’s needs to completely forget yourself. I am grateful to have a partner who takes care of me.

Thank you, Alex. I honor you.

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